Our cat and foster kittens were often spilling a large amount of litter while using the litter box. It was causing us to sweep the floor just about every time we walked into the room. Therefore, we decided to purchase the IRIS Open Top Litter Box to hopefully reduce the amount of litter spilling out. It definitely provided us with a drastic improvement. At times there is still some litter that will come out the front, but it is just a fraction of what would happen before. Also, the litter ONLY comes out the front rather than all 4 sides, making it much easier to sweep up. We also like it because it is an open top, and appears more aesthetically pleasing than some of the other items we looked at. It comes in 5 different colors and we think it is a great deal for costing less than $10.00! (Note: The Ivory and Garnet Red colors cost $13.99 and 16.99, respectively).

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