Like most blogs, we try to generate revenue to support our services and our website by utilizing third-party advertisers (please read our FTC Disclosure Statement for more information). As of April 22, 2015, a portion of all earnings generated via advertisements on our blog will be donated to animal shelters.

Furthermore, we may also generate advertising earnings via other channels, including our social media platforms. In particular, we receive earnings from our YouTube channel via the Adsense advertising program. A portion of these earnings will also be donated to animal shelters.

YOU CAN HELP us raise money for animal shelters everywhere by helping share our social media sites, articles, videos and photos. For instance, the more YouTube video views we have, the more advertising earnings will be generated, and the more money we will raise to donate to animal shelters. We work hard to provide original and high-quality content, and we hope that you will reward our work by sharing content and articles that you enjoy.

Also, when you submit your own user content (please refer to “Submit Your Content“), we may choose to post this content on our website and social media sites. This high-quality content allows us to reach more fans and increase our reach, subsequently helping to increase earnings and totals raised for animal shelters.

We reserve the right to choose which animal shelters we donate to. At times we may host contests, such as photo contests, in which the winner may choose the animal shelter of his or her choice to receive our accrued donations. When this is the case, all details will be clearly stated.



YOU REMAIN THE OWNER OF ALL CONTENT SUBMITTED. However, as per our Terms and Conditions, when you submit any content to us, you are granting us the rights to utilize your content as we see fit (please read our Terms and Conditions for more information). Thus, we reserve the right to potentially sub-license any submitted content for a fee through various channels.

Furthermore, when you submit a video, we reserve the right to post it to our YouTube channel, which may generate additional revenue via third-party advertising. If and when this happens, for video submissions only, the revenue split via YouTube earnings for the submitted video will be as follows: will retain 30% of all revenues generated to help support and maintain its services
-Owner of submitted content will retain 30% of all revenues generated
-30% will be added to the total funds accrued to be donated to animal shelters
-The remaining 10% will either be added to the total funds accrued to be donated to animal shelters, or will be added to the total revenue for the owner, solely per the owner’s choice (thus, you can earn up to 40% of total revenue generated by your content if you choose).

Currently, only PayPal is accepted.

Please read our Terms and Conditions. Any violations will lead to forfeiture of any said revenues at the sole discretion of Furthermore, you shall be liable for all content you submit and any repercussions that may result, including but not limited to copyright claims and penalties, as per our Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to adjust the revenue split percentages at any time, as we see fit. Submitted content will be based, in perpetuity, on the revenue split percentages at the time of submission.


We thank you for your time and support, and hope you enjoy our website, social media pages and content!

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