Funny ‘Kitten Jam’ Blooper Reel Video

What’s a famous video without the blooper reel?!?

Before Tulip and Daisy’s “Turn Down For What” video became viral, we experimented with having them ‘dance’ to other music and attempting different dance moves. As you can see in this video, these two adorable  had their moments with easily getting distracted, falling off their ‘platform’ and getting a bit tired from rehearsing. Fill-in-momma-cat, “Baby Girl,” even got a bit jealous and tried to jump in for a share of the fame.

Foster and really have new and unique experiences each and every day – from how to use the litter box, to discovering a new favorite toy all the way to realizing that they can dance. It is truly a remarkable journey – and such a rewarding experience to be a part of –  from that first time they are able to open their eyes to the point when they are healthy, energetic and loving companions ready to head back to the shelter in preparation of getting adopted and finding their forever homes 🙂

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