Speedo Man, Inspiring Cat With Special Needs, NEEDS OUR HELP!

Awhile back, we had the privilege of fostering and rehabilitating Speedo, an adorable and loving kitten who was originally diagnosed with Swimmer syndrome, and subsequently later thought to have suffered from a severe nerve injury rendering him unable to fully control his back legs restricting him from walking upright, and causing him to have issues with urinary incontinence. After almost two months of numerous vet appointments and hours of physical therapy, the shelter had made the decision to euthanize Speedo as he was deemed “un-adoptable” due to his incontinence and low expected adopter pool…unless we could find him his forever home.

Speedo was not in any pain, had no current or expected suffering and had the potential to live a long and healthy life. He was mobile, and besides his incontinence, he was very healthy. Additionally, Speedo was the most loving and sweetest kitten in the whole widest world.

So we made the below video and shared Speedo’s story with everyone that we could in the hopes to find his new forever home and save him from euthanasia. Within the first week we received so many messages from people all over the country wanting to help in some way and especially being interested in welcoming Speedo into their own home. It was such a blessing to witness all the love and support for this little guy, and to see how many wonderful people there really are out there.

Thankfully, we were incredibly fortunate to get in contact with an absolutely wonderful couple that actually lived in our area. They were able to see Speedo, and he seemingly captured their hearts immediately, just as he captured ours. They were so concerned and caring throughout the whole process, and so willing to do whatever it took to make sure Speedo had his fair shot at life. And they provided us the comfort of knowing that he would have that fair shot in life full of the care and love he deserves, with two incredible parents and a new, older step-brother.


According to his owners, “Speedo is now experiencing recurring bowel and unrinary problems. He is a unique case for the veterinarians due to his condition and every case sets a new precedent for his doctors. Since late October, Speedo has suffered through two bad cases of constipation and is on a life long treatment of Lactulose.” Recently, the doctors had detected a solid mass in his bladder. If it does not resolve on its own, Speedo will need surgery on January 14, with an estimated cost of $1,500. The issue is that his amazing parents have already spent over $1,200 on his ER visits and treatments. This has depleted their savings, as Speedo is not able to get pet insurance due to his pre-existing condition.

We have chosen for our next donation Speedo and the cost of his care. Since we started raising money, we have accumulated approximately $210 for donations. We are proud that our next donation is going to the little guy we helped raise who was a big reason we got into this business in the first place and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

So please, join Shelter Cats and Kittens and consider making a donation to his care if you are able! His GoFundMe page can be found here: Speedo’s GoFundMe Page

We wish our little wonderful friend Speedo a speedy and smooth recovery!

From his parents:
“Your help will mean so much to us as Speedo means the world to us. If you ever had an animal that your rescued and gave him the care and love despite his special needs you know what we mean. He is a joy to have around, is very spunky and willful yet very affectionate. He deserves a chance at a healthy life!”

Source: Saving Speedo the Cat by katznkittenz8 on Rumble

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