Swimmer syndrome: A kitten’s road through rehabilitation. Meet Speedo, the cutest, most loving kitten in the whole widest world…

This is a picture of our adorable and funny foster kitten Speedo, who was born with Swimmer syndrome. We were tasked with the challenge to rehabilitate him through daily physical therapy.

This is Speedo, our new, loving and adorable foster kitten from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (http://www.awla.org). Speedo was born with Swimmer syndrome, a rare developmental deformity of newborn dogs, and less commonly of newborn cats, whereby the hind limbs, and at times the front limbs as well, are splayed laterally resulting in an inability or difficulty to stand or walk. Forward movement in these animals is typically accomplished by lateral pedaling motions, making the dog or cat appear as if he or she is “swimming.”

The following video shows Speedo walking around our apartment the first day we brought him home, when he was just over 2 months old and had not yet received any type of prior therapy or treatment.

As you can see, he is just like every other cute, adorable kitten out there in the world. He is just a little different in how he walks. I can assure you he is extremely playful and loving, and does not let his disability hold him back from anything. Please follow along as we continue to share his story and road through rehabilitation over the next few weeks!

Currently, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington is responsible for the care and treatment of Speedo. If you are able, any type of support or donation would be greatly appreciated by all to help in Speedo’s rehabilitation! The link is below 🙂

Healthy Pet Fund

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