This Cat Is Playing Whack-A-Mole All By Himself! Are You Kitten Me!?

There have been plenty of whack-a-mole over the years.

For instance, there was the famous kitten whack-a-mole where a human (jokingly) whacks the kitty as they pop their heads up out of holes in a box.

There is also the The REAL Cat Whack A Mole, featuring Winnie the Kitten (famous for her “Uptown Funk Cat” Video) getting smacked in the head by her “loving” older cat sister as she pokes her head out of the homemade whack-a-kitty contraption.

However, we have NEVER seen a video as and original as this one, with the cat playing a homemade whack-a-mole game all-by-himself! He can figure out how to pop up the moles, but can’t understand why they pop back down when he lets go and goes in for the attack.

ARE YOU KITTEN ME!? Absolutely cuteness overload. MOL.

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